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Around the County & Beyond

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The Office of Cochise County School Superintendent congratulates two exemplary teachers for their recent awards and career achievements. 

Mr. Ty White from Willcox High School has been named the winner and recipient of the Arizona Rural School Association Teacher of the Year Award. A chemistry teacher, Mr. White sponsors many programs at Willcox High School including the Knowledge Bowl, the Gifted Club, and Robotics. He is also one of the leaders of the STEM program and is the Space Settlement Design Coach and Organizer. 

Mr. White’s core beliefs are that every student deserves equitable opportunities to learn, and every student should develop scientific literacy, just as they develop literacy in other subjects. He also believes in being part of the solution in equalizing access to opportunities for students of different backgrounds. 

“We are very proud to have Mr. White teaching in Cochise County,” says School Superintendent Jacqui Clay. 

Mrs. LeeAnn Howell of Colonel Smith Middle School in Fort Huachuca is also being recognized as a selected finalist of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Recipients of the award receive $10,000, a trip to Washington D.C., and a certificate signed by the President of the Unites States. Mrs. Howell attributes her success to having strong mentors and she believes that being in a room and network with like-minded science and math educators is important. 

“Congratulations again, Mrs. Howell,” added Jacqui Clay. “We cannot wait to see what you and your students accomplish in the coming years.”


Here's a quick look at some collaboration between Cochise County and Santa Cruz County!

Alicia Buckhanan visited Ray of Light Academy in Santa Cruz County. She met and talked with Danna Rivera, the program director at Ray of Light.

Ray of Light Academy is the school associated with the juvenile detention center in Santa Cruz county. They serve detained students ages 8-18. The facilities there are fantastic and provide great accommodations for the students.

Alicia works closely with Danna to ensure that Cochise County students who are in the juvenile courts are able to access a fair and equitable education, and that they have support in the county when they return and transition back into their home communities.

We would like to thank Mrs. Buckhanan, Mrs. Rivera, Superintendent Clay, and Superintendent Velasquez for all the work they do to help our children!

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