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New Principal at PPTEC

Congratulations to Mrs. Johanna Scott, former Community Outreach Coordinator for CCSSO and New Principal of PPTEC High School in Sierra Vista. Pictured above is Mrs. Johanna Scott in her new office and Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui CLay with new Principal, Johanna Scott at the entrance of PPTEC High School in Sierra Vista.

Free Parenting Workshop

Our Valley Union High School Seniors help the Elfrida Library!

A collaborative approach to improve a rural County library has not only enhanced the environment for patrons but saved taxpayers hundreds of dollars. 

The Elfrida Library, a branch of the Cochise County Library District, has been a busy community hub since it opened in 2003. Books and programs have come and gone, but the physical space has not changed much over the years. The collection of books sat on bare metal shelves, which were functional but uninviting. 

Library staff hoped to improve the appearance of the facility by adding wooden end panels to the shelving, but the cost – more than $2,100 – was more than was available to spend. In March, the library reached out to Valley Union High School for help. 

Principal Kyle Hart and Agriscience Instructor Davida Noble were willing to consider the end panels as a student project, and the library was able to purchase wood and supplies for under $400. Seniors in the Agriscience program got to work in their wood shop and by the end of the school year had crafted eight end panels, nearly identical to those from the library supplier. 

The Cochise County Facilities Department installed the panels at the library earlier this month and name plates were added thanking the students and Valley Union High School.  

“It is amazing how much this changes the look of the library,” said Branch Manager Stephanie Fulton.  “It is much warmer and more welcoming. The students did an amazing and professional job.” 

The improved shelving combines with new children’s furniture and updated youth collections at the library, which were purchased with support from the Troller Fund, held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.  

Library District Director Amadee Ricketts said, “We are excited about the opportunity to make the library a more comfortable space for the whole community, and we are thankful for the help we have received from partners like Valley Union High School and the Troller Fund.  With their help, the Elfrida Library is better than ever.” 

Learn more about the libraries at, or call the Cochise County Library District at 520-432-8930. 

(reprinted from the Cochise Today, vol. 2 no.13, June 25, 2019, a public information newsletter published by Cochise County)

Connecting the Dots...

Bowie USD receives Health and Wellness Award from Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay

Students, school board members, community members, staff, teachers, administrators from Bowie USD, and employees from the Cochise County Health Department and the University of Arizona came together to present the County Superintendent of Schools Health and Wellness Award to the Bowie Unified School District. This award recognizes the Bowie school district for their effort, work, dedication, and attention to school health and wellness. With the support and leadership of Mrs. Wendy Conger (the Bowie USD Superintendent) Bowie USD has been working with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and the Cochise County Health Department to strengthen and expand their school health policy through monthly school health advisory committee (SHAC) meetings, direct nutrition and healthy living instruction with Andrea Parra ( U of A / SNAP Ed), and adding specific school policy that increases physical activity, implementation of school gardens, and incorporation of agriculture curriculum in the classrooms. These efforts are supported by the Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay - who is seeking to strengthen school health and wellness policy throughout Cochise County. In 2018, Mrs. Clay came together with the University of Arizona, the Cochise County Health Department, the Food bank of Southern Arizona, and First Things First in a collaborative grant called Building Healthy Communities - funded by the Legacy Foundation. This grant seeks to fortify and expand county wide school health and wellness, expand food access for all Cochise County residents, and improve community efforts that move forward goals in the Cochise County Health Improvement Plan.  The award was presented by Joseph Sprietsma, Program Coordinator School Liaison/Building Healthy Communities.

Loretto Catholic School
School Visits

What a wonderful time visiting Loretto Catholic School in Douglas. Sister Mary Aloysius and her staff give 100% to their students. Visiting this school warmed my heart and was a great blessing.