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Our Stock Inhaler Project

We would like to inform you of our Stock Inhaler project - We have requested grants and working hard to raise funds to help supply Stock Inhaler Kits to ALL of our County schools. This includes private, and charter schools.

Our introductory training will be held at our Innovations in Education Conference, 24 & 25 January, please have your staff attend. In Cochise County, the prevalence of asthma is 14.9% (much higher than the national average)

* 70-plus schools

* For less than $100 per school ($7,000), all of Cochise County can implement this program

* Keep children in the classroom and from being sent home for minor exacerbations

* Allows parents to stay working (parents do not have to leave work to bring an inhaler or pick their child up from the school) 

 *Any individual can use the stock inhaler

* HB 2208 includes language the allows any trained personnel to administer the stock inhaler to a child without the knowledge    of previous asthma diagnosis and indemnifies this individual for their good-faith use

* HB 2208 further protects physicians & pharmacists who sign the standing medical order and prescribe the medication to the       school

  The Arizona legislature passed H.B. 2208, “Stock Inhalers for Schools” in March 2017 to allow schools to store and administer albuterol sulfate while indemnifying trained staff against liability when they allowed students to use the inhaler in good faith.

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