Teacher Recruitment and Retention Tuition Assistance Program, GETSET and SETTA

The ADE/ESS Professional Learning and Sustainability unit is pleased to announce two “grow your own” opportunities for educators in Arizona public schools.


  • The General Education Teacher to Special Education Teacher (GETSET) program provides funding to certified general education teachers who want to pursue a career change to become certified in an area of special education. 

  • The Special Education Teacher Tuition Assistance (SETTA) program provides funding for tuition assistance to paraprofessionals that leads to special education teaching certification.


Certifications that satisfy the application requirements:

  1. Mild/ Moderate Disabilities

  2. Moderate/Severe Disabilities

  3. Early Childhood Special Education

  4. Hearing Impaired

  5. Visually Impaired

  LEAs have an opportunity to submit an application for one candidate per program.  Applications earning the highest scores in the evaluation process will be approved until the funding that is set aside for the program is depleted. Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 3, 2020.


Please note:

  • Applicant must have been employed by the LEA for two full school years as of June 30, 2020.

  • Applicant agrees to two full years of teaching in a special education capacity at the PEA once special education certification is achieved.


For any additional information, please email Aanya Rispoli or call (602) 364-4022. http://www.azed.gov/specialeducation


Please click on the file links for applications listed below!

Reentry Program

Educational resources for addressing the needs of our released student/inmates


Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program


The Arizona Association of County School Superintendents has teamed up with Fiducius to bring an AMAZING opportunity for Teachers (past and present) with student loans!  This is an organization that knows the rules the law and will help you fill out the necessary paperwork regarding Loan Relief benefit (these services are similar to services we use to assist us with our taxes).

NEW PUBLIC SERVICE LOAN FORGIVENESS NUMBERS: The Education Department on Thursday also released updated statistics on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. As of Sept. 30, only 206 borrowers have had their loans, totaling $12.3 million, discharged under the program. More than 32,000 borrowers had their applications denied "due to not meeting program requirements" and another 11,892 were denied for "missing information."

Trying to understand all the possible ways to better manage your student loans is a daunting task. We are pleased to offer a new Loan Relief benefit from Fiducius (formerly ISLoan Solutions). With their financial planning approach, the student loan Advisors at Fiducius help you navigate and determine your best option, including forgiveness, refinancing and consolidation.


It’s easy to get started with this new benefit. You can determine your eligibility and potential savings in just a few minutes by visiting



University South Foundation Mini-Grants

The University South Foundation, offers mini grants to defer the cost of bus transportation and lunch for classes visiting the campus.  The students time is split between the Patterson Observatory and the Discovery Gardens with some classes opting for additional time with Water Wise SNAP Ed and other programs of the UA Cooperative Education facility.  

While at the observatory, it is volunteers from the Huachuca Astronomy Club with whom students interact.  Students safety view the sun through properly filtered telescopes and learn about solar phenomena (we use programs provided by the NASA Night Sky Network).  They tour the facility (there are science displays), learn about meteorites (with materials provided by the Planetary Science Institute) and participate in activities designed by the NISE (National informal Science Educator) Network.  A very popular one is the “Pocket Solar System” where students create their own scale model of the solar system with adding machine tape and planet stickers.  

The club also accommodates teacher requests for astronomy themed events at their schools and can arrange for in-class visits.  I (as a NASA Solar System Ambassador) have visited several classes to talk about the exploration of our solar system.  I am trained and updated by NASA for the purpose.  

Teachers can apply for the mini grants for school field trips here: http://www.universitysouthfoundation.com/fieldtrip-application 

They can ask about evening visits to the Patterson Observatory for their classes by contacting the foundation office at 520 458-8278 ext 2129 or emailing  Ted Forte, tedforte511@gmail.com.   

Other astronomy themed events can be arranged by contacting me or emailing info@hacastronomy.org 


Our Stock Inhaler Project

We would like to inform you of our Stock Inhaler project - We have requested grants and working hard to raise funds to help supply Stock Inhaler Kits to ALL of our County schools. This includes private, and charter schools.

Our introductory training will be held at our Innovations in Education Conference, 24 & 25 January, please have your staff attend. In Cochise County, the prevalence of asthma is 14.9% (much higher than the national average)

* 70-plus schools

* For less than $100 per school ($7,000), all of Cochise County can implement this program

* Keep children in the classroom and from being sent home for minor exacerbations

* Allows parents to stay working (parents do not have to leave work to bring an inhaler or pick their child up from the school) 

 *Any individual can use the stock inhaler

* HB 2208 includes language the allows any trained personnel to administer the stock inhaler to a child without the knowledge    of previous asthma diagnosis and indemnifies this individual for their good-faith use

* HB 2208 further protects physicians & pharmacists who sign the standing medical order and prescribe the medication to the       school

  The Arizona legislature passed H.B. 2208, “Stock Inhalers for Schools” in March 2017 to allow schools to store and administer albuterol sulfate while indemnifying trained staff against liability when they allowed students to use the inhaler in good faith.