Professional Development Resources

Are offering free monthly teacher collaboratives for regional teachers which includes CEU Credits. For more detailed information please click on the PDF link.

Sinfronteras, The University of Arizona Border Education Center

Lunchtime Conversations with STEM

Hosted by AZSciTech

Cochise County School Superintendent Jacqui Clay Spoke during this hosted lunchtime conversation. The entire video is embedded below. 


These K12 oriented opportunities are for teachers of all disciplines:


3. The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, has some virtual field trips so that students can explore world music from home. They have a tour of Asia for K-2 students, one of Yaqui (Native Americans in Arizona) and another of Mexican music for grades 3-5, and a Silk Road one for grades 6-8. There are lesson plans with hands-on activities too. Check them out at:

Edulastic Distance Learning Day

Distance Learning Day Part 1

AESA Microsoft Teams 101

 Part 1: The Basics

 Part 2: A Deeper Dive