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Rosy Rubio Scholarship

ARSA - Arizona Rural Schools Association announces the Rosy Rubio Scholarship Fund. Which purpose is to provide support to financial deserving, currently non-certified Arizona public school employees who demonstrate a strong commitment to becoming a teacher in Arizona rural schools, a strong work ethic, and leadership qualities. The deadline for nominations is August first. For more info and to apply please click on the link below.

Mark Your Calendar and get ready for our next Innovations in Education Conference. This event brings our teachers and community members together for the common goal of student, teacher and community success. Our Keynote will be Kareem Neal our Arizona Teacher of the year. Ms. Kathy Hoffman will present opening remarks, present at the State Superintendents Luncheon for a question and answer session. Thank you Cochise County for supporting our teachers at last years event. Please feel free to attend, as our students our team effort to be successful.

If you are interested in becoming a presenter, vendor or know of anyone who would - send us a Facebook message or email.

More EXCITING information to come!

Featured Professional Development

Chris Fit

Our goal is to provide Google training to all of our educators so they will have the opportunity to become Google Certified.

The Google Certified Educator program was designed for the classroom teacher but is open for any educator to pursue. The Certified Educator program is offered at two levels: the fundamentals level (Level 1), and the advanced level (Level 2). Differentiating the certification into two levels gives more teachers an opportunity to get recognized for the work they’ve done.

Level 1: The Level 1 Google Certified Educator status indicates that an educator can “successfully implement Google Apps for Education into their teaching practice to enhance teaching and learning.” This certification is for educators with a basic understanding of the key features of Google Apps as well as well as an understanding of how to meaningfully use technology in the classroom.

Level 2: The Level 2 Google Certified Educator status indicates  “indicates that an educator can successfully integrate a wider range of Google for Education tools and other technologies to transform their teaching practice.” This is for educators with a deeper understanding of Google Apps and advanced technology integration skills.

We invite you to read the article "3 Reasons to become a Google Certified Teacher" at

The Cochise County Superintendent's Office Currently Offers training to help you pass your Google Certified Teacher exam.  Please contact xxxx for more information.

Jasmine Aziz

An article in Education World revealed that using True Colors, teachers, coaches, and administrators can learn about their personality types as well as those of their students and colleagues. This strategy shows teachers how they can base lessons and teaching styles on students' needs, one school principal tells Education World. "We have never tried to educate everyone until recently," he says, and True Colors helps do that. True Colors can also help students understand teachers and help teachers work better with one another. Included: Links to the True Colors site and descriptions of personality types.  Knowing the number of blues, oranges, golds, and greens in a classroom can help a teacher plan lessons and manage a class.  Read entire article at

The Cochise County Superintendent's office the following True Color Training by a certified True Colors Instructor:  

*True Colors for Success

*True Colors - Teaching and Learning Styles

Please contact xxxx for more information