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Sat, Jan 23
Virtual Conference - Platform TBA
2021 Innovations in Education Conference

Save The Date for the 2021 Innovations in Education Conference!

We are also looking for student art submissions, music and performance recordings to spotlight during the event breaks and transitions.

If you are interested in submitting , please contact bmreyna@cochise.az.gov for more information.

Working to Connect the Dots for Education in Cochise County

Sheriff Dannels, Jail Commander Bradshaw, Superintendent Clay and Deputy Superintendent Madden discuss further educational plans for the jail

Sheriff Dannels, Jail Commander Bradshaw, Superintendent Clay and Deputy Superintendent Madden discuss further educational plans for the jail

Sheriff Dannels, Jail Commander Bradshaw, Superintendent Clay and Deputy Superintendent Madden discuss further educational plans for the jail

Currently, services provided at the jail are Special Needs services for students up to 22 and educational services for those minor students. Soon we will add adult services which includes GED preparation and GED testing. This collaboration will be great for our county.

Collaborating with GradSolutions

Online Accommodation School on the Horizon for Cochise County

GradSolutions Donating Chromebooks

Online Accommodation School on the Horizon for Cochise County

Collaborating with GradSolutions, LLC to form a County "Dropout Recovery" Accommodation school. This will potentially help reduce our Opportunity Youth rate (see Expect more Arizona - Arizona Education Progress Meter ) which is currently at 13% (our goal is 7%) and helps our schools. Opportunity youth are 16 - 24 year olds not going to school or working. More information to come.

GradSolutions have also donated 10 Chromebooks to our County Education center. THANK YOU! 

We will use these devices for GED preparation or online education for our students who are released from the jail or detention center. Did you also know that we are now a GED testing site for our jail/detention center students? Everyone should have a second chance and we love ALL of our students.

Superintendent Clay's Recent conversation with Todd Ryen at CoolFM Online

COCHISE COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS JACQUI CLAY speaks on the Closing of The Youth Detention Center in Sierra Vista and the effects on local troubled Youth and their families.


Masks & Schools

Presented by Kayla Percy, PNP,MPH, COVID-19 Taskforce Lead - CCHCI

The Cochise County School Superintendent's Office hosts weekly meetings bringing together the educational leaders of Cochise County schools, and health professionals from numerous agencies to ensure that schools are benefitting from the most up to date information to ensure students are getting a safe and effective education. The video was presented by  Kayla Percy, PNP, from Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. (CCHCI) at the most recent meeting.


The group is grateful to Dr. Edward Miller, DO, FACOG from Copper Queen Community Hospital, Dr. Jonathan Melk, MD and Kayla Percy, PNP from CCHCI, and the members of the Cochise County Health and Emergency Services departments for their efforts and insight into the rapidly changing landscape of school health and student safety.


First to open Benson Unified School District starts their school year!


ADHS Releases School Benchmarks

Get Help, Get SMART!

For more information:

Palominas Elementary School District wins the 2020 School Health and Wellness Award!

Pictured are Jacqui Clay, Cochise County School Superintendent, and Sepp Sprietsma, U of A Cooperative Extension Building Healthy Communities Coordinator presenting the Cochise County Schools Health and Wellness Award to Palominas Wellness Team Leaders, Marissa Herrera and Liz Allen along with other team members. In recognition for all of their work on the Cochise County Healthy Schools initiative. Congratulations to all of the students, parents, School Staff, and community members who worked to make Palominas ESD an example of school wellness in Cochise County!

Bowie Salutes 2020 Graduates!

Let's all join the Bowie Unified School District in honoring it's High School Graduates, Class of 2020. Pictured left to right are, Alyssa Landt, Judy Tumlinson, John Houston Klump, Morgan Murray and Destiny Bragg. This Class will be distingushed and honored by being the first High School graduating class of Bowie USD to have a virtual graduation ceremony.Click on button below to view their commencement ceremony. 

Education Improvements at the Juvenile Detention Center

County collaboration leads to education improvements

A collaboration between Cochise County’s Superior Court and School Superintendent’s Office has seen significant improvements in the level of education being offered at the Juvenile Detention Center.

A new approach to educational classes has allowed School Superintendent Jacqui Clay to provide the services of a special education teacher from the Cochise County Jail to young people held at the Detention Center in Sierra Vista. These services were previously provided by a contractor at a minimum of $50 per hour, but these costs will be eliminated by combining resources.

“We’re having better results with this coming under the Superintendent’s Office,” Clay told the Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting on April 21. The Board approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the two County entities following a trial period.

“We have seen students receive reduced sentences due to their grades and educational performance,” said Clay, adding students are enrolled into an online high school which allows them to more easily transition to their community school upon release. They also have the option of continuing high school online.

Additional class modules have also been added, allowing students to follow a more traditional learning schedule.

“We’ve been doing this on a trial basis, but it’s working,” said Clay.

Presiding Juvenile Judge Terry Bannon said she was delighted with the initial results of the new partnership, adding the students had “responded with the type of enthusiasm and engagement I had not seen before”.

Supervisor Ann English praised the cooperation between the School Superintendent’s Office and the Superior Court.

“I compliment them for realizing a strong need for an education service for these students,” she said. “There is a need to have something concrete and for a program that’s viable. A lot of thought and attention has gone into it and there are measurements.”

The IGA, effective from July 1 through June 30, 2022, was unanimously approved by all three Supervisors, who attended the meeting remotely via conference call.

The 2020 Cochise County Teacher of the Year Finalists have been Announced!

Click Here for More!

Many Thanks to Arizona G&T Cooperatives

for Their Generous Support of Our CEF

Mini-Grants Program! 

Arizona’s G & T Cooperatives , Geoff Oldfather, Cooperatives Communications and Public Relations Manager. Along with James D. Wallace, Cooperatives Communications, Social Media and Marketing Administrator. Visits Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay to present their donation in support of CEF’s Mini Grant Program.

Arizona Generation and Transmission Cooperatives (AzGT) provides wholesale electricity for six Class A Member Cooperatives, including Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative(SSVEC), that serve rural Arizona, New Mexico and California. AzGT also provides energy management services for a growing list of customers. As a cooperative, AzGT abides by the Seven Cooperative Principals, which include Concern for Community. Supporting education in Cochise County is another way that AzGT serves the members who use its power at the end of the line.

Speak Out!

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Community Leaders, Lawley Kia and Legacy Foundation Step Up to Support our Students' Asthma Inhaler Program.

Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, Chief Executive Officer, Margaret Hepburn presents a check to Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay. The donation from Legacy is towards the Cochise County Student Asthma Inhaler initiative.

Sean Lawley of Lawley Kia presenting a check to Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay, which will sponsor the School asthma inhaler program for Cochise County Students and also for the upcoming Cochise County Teacher of the Year Awards

Lawley Kia, along with Legacy are sponsoring a school asthma inhaler program that will be introduced at the 2020 Innovations In Education Conference taking place January 24-25.  Lawley Kia is  also sponsoring our Teacher of the Year awards banquet coming up April 5th. 

 Teachers! University South Foundation

offers Mini-Grants!

Skills = Love

Cochise County School Superintendent, Jacqui Clay pictured while visiting Skills Private Academy.  A place to grow and shine and learn to be your best self. Special Kids, Individualized Learning, Life Skills

"D" School to "B" School

Superintendent Wendy Conger, you are amazing! Because of your leadership and passion you and your staff were able to take a letter "D" school to a "B" school.
Bowie, Most Improved School in Cochise County!!
Way to Go!


Ray Borane Elementary School Students display a winning team spirit. By coming together to honor our Community and Nation's Veterans. 




We are all born with something in our DNA that promotes greatness.  Using a comprehensive systems-thinking approach, our educators, parents, and community members can work collaboratively to uncover the niche found in every student.  This information is powerful when it correlates with the needs of our society.  Education, when applied correctly, will provide economic independence for our students and economic success in our community, cities, states, and nation.

-Jacqui Clay
Cochise County School Superintendent


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Collaborating with GradSolutions

Online Accommodation School on the Horizon for Cochise County